Where there’s a Will…

We should all make a Will if we want to ensure that after we are gone our wishes regarding our estate are carried out. Yet, two thirds of adults in the UK do not have a Will.

If you haven’t got around to doing yours yet, why don’t you let us help you. We are now registered to carry out Probate and Administration services including Wills.  We can also help if you need to update and amend an existing Will.

However, if you still need persuading, read on because where there’s a Will….

-Your wishes will be carried out after you die.

-Your savings and possessions will be passed on to the people and causes that you decide.

-Your family will have clear instructions, avoiding disputes, heartache and unnecessary legal costs.

-The potential complications involving new partners and spouses, second families and stepchildren can be pre-empted by you.

-You can plan in advance to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax on your estate.

-You will get the funeral that you imagined with your choice of arrangements.

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