Key Contacts

Alex Howarth

Alex Howarth


Professional Qualifications


Sum up your role in one sentence.

I support and help clients along their journey, either from start up or helping their business grow.

What do you like about working for DonnellyBentley?

Friendly staff and the way we pull together to get the job done for all our clients.

What was your first job?

Porter at Botany Bay, although when I was growing up I wanted to be a milk man!

Name one thing you can’t live without.

 Cricket. Oh… sorry I mean my wife!

Summer or Winter?

Summer, its cricket season!

Beer or wine?

Why restrict yourself, beer, wine and gin.

X Factor or The Voice?

Neither- Strictly Come Dancing!

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

The Hangover

What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of?

Man crushes on Gary Barlow, Jamie Redknapp and David Beckham.

What is still left on your bucket list?

Sky Dive. Attend an Ashes tour.

Three dinner party guests

Amanda Holden, Professor Stephen Hawking, David Lloyd (Bumble)