Is it a good time to buy to let?

Expanding your property portfolio can help increase your financial security — but is now a good time to buy to let?

As house prices start to fall and rents rise across the UK, 2023 may look like a good year to get your foot on the investment property ladder. However, making that decision is far from straightforward.


While a buy-to-let investment strategy can provide you with a regular rental income, it also comes with additional costs and responsibilities.


Recent economic factors such as soaring mortgage rates and reduced tax relief could also negatively impact your profits as a landlord, so it’s essential to weigh up your options carefully.


In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of investing in buy to let in 2023.


What is buy-to-let?

A buy-to-let is a property bought for the purpose of renting it to tenants. You’ll usually need to get a buy-to-let mortgage if you intend to receive rental income from a residential property — unless you purchase it outright.


While these mortgages usually come with higher upfront costs, they are often interest-only. This means your monthly instalments will only pay off the interest on the loan, so you won’t need to settle the full sum until the end of your mortgage period.


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