Flexible hours linked to more elderly employment

47% of workers said they would work longer before retirement if their employer offered flexible working hours, according to the British Social Attitudes Survey.

The annual survey of 4,300 people aged 18 and over said that workers want their employer to offer flexible tools to help them work longer.

46% would move to part-time working, while 30% would like the option to take on a less demanding role.

Workers would also take the option to work longer to update their skills, earn more income and free up time to care for their grandchildren.

Other findings:

  • two thirds of respondents expect to retire in their 60s
  • 30% of 18 – 24 year olds and 21% of those between 25 – 34 expect to retire in their 70s.

Damian Hinds, employment minister, said:

“Encouragingly, we’re seeing more employers taking on older workers as they recognise the benefits of having them on the payroll.

“But we want to go further to help more older people stay in employment, which is why in the new year we will publish a strategy led by employers on how we plan to do it.”

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