Electrifying News: HMRC’s New Stance on Electric Vehicle Charging for Company Cars

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), here’s a piece of news that’s sure to spark interest among businesses: HMRC has updated its guidance on the tax treatment for charging company electric cars and vans. HMRC’s new stance on electric vehicle charging for company cars – This change, effective from 31st October 2023, is a significant stride towards supporting eco-friendly transportation in the workplace.

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Understanding the Change: A Boost for Eco-friendly Commuting

If your company provides employees with electric vehicles or reimburses them for home charging costs, this update is particularly relevant. HMRC now recognises that reimbursing a portion of a domestic energy bill for charging a company vehicle falls under an exemption. What does this mean? Simply put, there will be no separate tax charge under the benefits code for employers who reimburse their employees for the electricity used to charge their company cars or vans at home.

Criteria for Exemption: Keeping It Transparent

However, there’s a catch: this exemption applies only if the electricity usage for charging the company vehicle can be clearly demonstrated. Employers must ensure that any reimbursement is exclusively for the cost of charging the company vehicle. It’s crucial to keep sufficient evidence to support this, in case of any future enquiries.

Why This Matters: More Than Just a Tax Break

This update from HMRC isn’t just about tax benefits; it aligns with the broader legislative agenda and eases administrative burdens. More importantly, it endorses the government’s policy of promoting low-emission vehicles and reducing carbon footprints. For businesses, this is an opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability while enjoying tax benefits.

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