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April 2020 – Insider Newsletter

The Government has delayed extending the off-payroll working
rules to the private sector, as the UK fights to contain the
coronavirus pandemic.

Most small businesses in England will pay no business rates in
2020/21 in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

The point at which tapering of the annual pension allowance
kicks in increases by £90,000 for both threshold income and
adjusted income in 2020/21.

The amount of capital gains tax small business owners can
potentially save when they sell their business has been cut by
90% for 2020/21.

March 2020 – Insider Newsletter

Almost a million taxpayers missed the self-assessment deadline on 31 January, despite record numbers of compliance.

The Scottish Government has decided to freeze all income tax rates, plus the higher and top-rate thresholds, for 2020/21.

The Government is to press ahead with extending the off-payroll rules to the private sector next month, following the publication of a controversial report.

The Treasury is to raise the National Insurance threshold for 2020/21, saving the average employee around £104.

February 2020 – Insider Newsletter

Thousands of taxpayers used the Christmas break to file tax returns for 2018/19 through self-assessment.

An eagerly anticipated report into the controversial loan charge has provided respite for thousands of people.

The hourly national living wage rate for over-25s will increase from £8.21 to £8.72 for 2020/21.

Struggling retailers experienced their worst year on record for annual sales in 2019, according to figures published by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

January 2020 – Insider Newsletter

A quarter of small business owners in the UK believe their company will fold in the next four years, research has claimed.

The planned extension of the new off-payroll rules to the private sector will be included in a review into how the new government can provide better support to the self-employed.

High earners could face large tax bills if they fail to declare pension contributions on their 2018/19 tax returns, according to a report.

The new government intends to announce the 2020/21 tax rates, bands and allowances in a full Budget next month.

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