Tax Investigations

Tax Investigation Insurance

Tax investigations are expensive, intrusive and stressful. The cost of an enquiry can seriously impact your financial security.

You might be selected for an investigation because HMRC is targeting a particular geographical area in the UK. You might be selected because you work in a profession or trade that HMRC decides to pursue. Or you might even be selected entirely at random, by the click of a mouse.

Our tax investigations service will meet the unwanted and expected professional fees to defend your position in the event HMRC starts a compliance check.

Protect yourself with Tax Investigation Insurance..

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Reasons to Act Now

If you still need convincing that our tax investigations service is worthwhile, here are more reasons to act now:

HMRC is determined to deliver more money from compliance activity. It is under intense pressure from both the government and MPs of all parties to pursue all tax which is due under law.

Over 22bn lines of data are already held by HMRC. That figure is likely to increase rapidly now that tax authorities around the world are starting to share information under the Common Reporting Standard.

£3.5bn was generated during the last financial year from HMRC pursuing the 45m people in the tax system who have an income below £150,000 and assets below £1m in the UK. £900m was secured from the UK’s 8,500 wealthiest individuals alone.

Round the Clock Business Support

When you buy our tax investigations service, you will have access to a team of qualified solicitors and barristers for employment law, health and safety matters and commercial issues.

A legal expert is only a phone call away and, most importantly, the advice is:

  • Free with unlimited calls.
  • In plain English.
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Don’t put your business at risk – the law changes constantly and the helpline ensures that you have the right support when you need it most.