Business Start ups

Are you starting your own business?

Starting a new Business

There can appear to be endless things to think about when you first set up a business but if you seek expert advice early on, it really can be made very easy. As part of our commitment to helping businesses grow DonnellyBentley are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Business Advice Service and we can offer you a free advice session with one of our qualified Chartered Accountants.

Whilst we have many years of experience in all kinds of businesses we also recognise that your new business will be unique, because of you. We will take the time to get to know you, your aims and ambitions and the sector in which you are trading.

We take care of the formalities

Even if you have already decided what type of business it will be, a sole trader, partnership or limited company, we can take care of the formalities to let you concentrate on the exciting business of launching your new venture.

Special rates for home workers

We always charge a fair and competitive price for the work that we undertake. If you are a home worker just starting out, we know that you won’t be making huge profits right away and so we offer a sliding scale of charges to help you get your business onto a firm footing.

Let our Accounts team help you with..

Business Advice

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Managing Accounts

Profit & Loss

Managing Employees