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Self Assessment is complex and subject to ever-changing legislation. Thousands of people each year make mistakes with filing their own returns and we can help you get it right.

With self-assessment, there is no margin for error. Make your return late, even by one day, and you will incur a minimum £100 fine. Get the figures wrong and you risk substantial penalties and interest. Our service offers exceptional value for money to avoid such penalties and in many cases, our advice could reduce your tax liability.

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Personal Tax Advice

From Inheritance tax to tax-efficient wealth planning, our team can help guide you through the maze of personal tax administration and regulations. We can also advise on tax implications for self-employed people and those earning income from property rental or investments.

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Probate and Administration

DonnellyBentley is licensed to carry out probate work. Our experience in tax legislation and family estate planning will help us to help you when you need us most, following the loss of a loved one. Our expertise in this area can often lead to cost savings in what can sometimes be a very expensive process.

There are a number of different approaches to probate services that are likely to affect the number of costs you incur. Some advisers charge fixed fees, varying hourly rates or a percentage of the estate value. We believe, however, that our knowledge and expertise in this area can enable us to make savings for you.

We can help you through the most difficult times

Following the loss of a loved one, the paperwork involved in dealing with their estate is often very difficult to face. You will need guidance from people you trust to ensure that the deceased’s wishes, as set out in their Will, have been carried out.

It is now the case that accountants who are registered, as we are, as a licensed probate firm, can carry out certain of the duties that were previously restricted to lawyers. As your accountant, we are extremely well placed to do this. We understand the latest tax legislation and have great experience in family estate planning. We know about assets and liabilities and often have the benefit of having known our clients over many years, so who better to deal with the distribution of your estate. This knowledge can often enable us to make efficiencies.

Large and Complex Estates

Today more than ever before, people’s estates can be large and complex. An estate that may have been quite modest at the time the Will was written, could, thanks to rising property prices over many years, be worth a great deal today. This can affect the level of work involved and dramatically affect the costs incurred if you agree to a percentage based charging structure.