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Your Trusted Financial Partner

Are you seeking expert guidance and unwavering support when it comes to your financial future? Look no further than DonnellyBentley. We are proud to introduce ourselves as your gateway to financial success, and we’ve partnered with the esteemed Pareto Financial Planning Limited to offer you award-winning financial advisory services.

Pareto Financial Planning Limited

Pareto Financial Planning Limited is renowned for its exceptional prowess in the realm of financial planning. As a team of independent financial advisers (IFAs), they’ve earned numerous accolades for their dedication, integrity, and expertise. When you choose DonnellyBentley, you’re choosing a name synonymous with excellence.

Our Areas of Expertise

At DonnellyBentley, we understand that financial planning is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. That’s why we offer specialised services tailored to your unique needs. Our areas of expertise encompass both private and corporate financial matters:

Pension Planning

Secure your retirement with a personalised pension strategy that aligns with your aspirations.

Investment & Saving

Maximise your wealth potential with intelligent investment and savings strategies.

Critical Illness Cover:

Protect your family and finances against the unexpected with critical illness coverage.

Income Protection

Safeguard your income in times of uncertainty, ensuring financial stability for you and your loved ones.

Life Cover

Plan for the future and provide your family with financial security through life cover solutions.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Preserve your legacy and minimise inheritance tax liabilities with our expert guidance.


Courage started his career within the financial services industry in 2014 after joining a financial planning firm straight out of university. During this time, he built up strong technical knowledge and achieved Chartered Financial Planner status whilst becoming a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

Expertise: Backed by the expertise of Pareto Financial Planning Limited, we provide you with unparalleled financial insights.

Tailored Solutions: Our approach is personalised to your unique goals and circumstances, ensuring you receive the best possible financial advice.

Award-Winning Service: We take pride in our track record of excellence, backed by industry recognition and awards.

Your financial success is our mission

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards financial security and prosperity?

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