Key Contacts

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor

Audit & Accounts

Sum up your role in one sentence.

I provide a service with a smile to all clients, big or small.

What do you like about working for DonnellyBentley?

The team of people I work with make my job a pleasure. The staff summer events and massive Easter Egg are a great bonus too!

What was your first job?

Not really a job, but I did some work experience at a dentist when I was younger. I realised it wasn’t for me when I nearly fainted watching a dental procedure. Think I’ll be sticking to number crunching now!

Name one thing you can’t live without.

The gym…then eat lots!!

Tea or coffee?

Tea, milk, one sugar please.

Night owl or morning lark?

Night owl but wish I was a lark- the early bird catches the worm!

Summer or Winter?

Summer- you can’t beat a nice beer garden in the sunshine

What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

Food doesn’t last long in my fridge.

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